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weeks 5 & 6 – matthew hulse

«διχοτομία στον ουρανό» / ‘dichotomy in sky’

These past two weeks have been chaotic— not in terms of producing work, more like me getting really super duper crazy sick and not being able to get out of bed.

All the relaxation week 4’s post had, out the window. Absolutely livid over how ill I got which shunted my work for my IP.

– week 5 workshop –

what kind of box did I feel like? not a box per se but I did feel like a Russian doll at the time; multiple voices of mine in my head, trying to pull all the threads together on various levels.

the room felt a bit like an installation, so I almost didn’t want to move any of the boxes, but it was inevitable in the end.

I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired this week so not much was produced during the workshop. Having to think in my native language (Greek) took me a second because I had to think in a different way than I do in English, which I find very interesting from a linguistics perspective. I decided to team up with Nidhi for the group proposal but we seemed to have a very loose idea of what to propose for a project. We wanted to talk about daily superpowers and weaknesses and how we choose to let them take us over or we confront and accept them. The details are a bit loose but we were interested in have 3 stages in our group workshop, one where we create a hero/villain persona, one where we make a simple costume and a final cathartic stage where we let go of our frustrations through the breaking of water balloons.

– week 6 / reading week –

honestly this week was hellish for me. I became insanely ill and couldn’t get out of bed or eat so I just sat in my room a lot sleeping, which led me to find clarity in my project direction (finally!). I don’t want to write a story at this point in time— I want to listen; and who better to listen to than my neighbour? (picture provided below, she wanted a nice wide view ^^)

I’d like you to meet Muirín (Mir-een). She’s been here quite a while and has a lot to say if you just sit by her and listen to her tales. Every day she wears a new dress but she seems oddly fond of the colours blue, yellow, orange, white and pink… It’s no secret, she’s a large lady but compared to some of the others on Earth she would be considered very skinny! It’s all about perspective.

Now, having been sick this whole week I haven’t really managed to go out and talk to her, but her mood is something I’m very interested in. In the picture above she is exceedingly tranquil, and yet other days (or nights) she becomes irate! (as seen below; one of her calmer nights)

She always seems to want to ravage the shore but never destroy it… not quickly at least. She erodes time and time again with each of her strokes against the sand and walls…

More on this from next week and on though!!

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