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During week two we had our first class, thus lasted three hours long and consisted of us watching many small audios and clips from videos that all in one way or another, related to a journey. While watching and listening we were then asked to draw and write whatever came to mind during this time. This exercise to me was more of a creative outlet as it let us portray how are mind processes information and the senses. I enjoyed this class thoroughly as I felt there wasn’t such a structure to what we were able to do, and instead we could branch our ideas out as far as we wanted.

The first piece that was created within the class, largely based on person and place
The following two drawings made in the class, also largely placed on location and being as well as historical ideas

These were the pieces that I created while in the week two class, I chose to do these drawings in a continuous line style while keeping some aspects of it abstract in order to keep it from being too ridged and formed. I feel these pieces have turned out well and I am happy with the ideas portrayed on the page, I feel they tie in with what we were watching and listening to at that time.

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