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At first I had no idea where I wanted to go with this project, my ideas were unclear and I had no plan which for me can be quite stressful. However after an individual tutorial with Miranda I decided instead of doing a project with a structured beginning and end, I would focus more on the PROCESS. Therefore this term I will be creating a process based project, that in fact will have no set ending.

Below are some images of the recent structures I have made with regards to my process project.

All pieces I have created so far
A blue building
A green structure

I feel overall that each piece is unique and the project itself is coming along nicely, however I dislike the messiness of it, the structures are all different in shape and size meaning no two buildings are the same, and while I feel like the messiness of the sculptures adds a rustic feel to it, for me personally I would prefer something more smooth looking, but nothing is smooth looking, houses aren’t smooth and neither is home, everything needs to be a bit messy.

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