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During the second week, I had looked through my previous ideas on what I wanted to do as my personal project and came up with an overall concept that I wished to continue.

Thus, concept was hard to explain in an intellectual format therefore I decided to draw it out and add annotations to create this planned brief.

My idea consists of anatomy, emotion and mental maturity.

As well as this while I was drawing up my ideas I began wanting to add to the piece and take it further, therefore nature became part of the equation and through this I developed the title of “growth”

my first ideas page, filled with small diagrams and annotations towards my main idea

 I then went on to further develop these ideas and create one overall sketch that mapped out exactly where I wanted to go as well as what materials I wanted to use and experiment with. Once I had done this piece of work I began to see my structure and idea come to life, which created this sense of excitement as I wanted to learn and develop more as an artist.

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