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Week two- Creating just because.


As I discussed last I wanted to conduct more reading as part of my research. As by recommendation I have read segments of Norman Byron’s ‘Looking the overlooked’, a book which by title alone investigates the role still life has in our lives. I focused on beginning chapter and also one of the four essays dubbed ‘still life and ‘feminine’ space’. To work with my dyslexia I have taken pages from the book and highlight quotes which sparked my interest.

Bryson, N 2017, Looking at the Overlooked : Four Essays on Still Life Painting, Reaktion Books, Limited, London. Available from: ProQuest Ebook Central. [13 October 2022].

Reflection and experimentation

I began this week by diving into painting, I had a creative burst in which I started several paintings at once, I then found myself struggling to finish them overall possibly due to being unwell. However, in all honesty the whole process feels daunting and im experiencing imposter syndrome, for those who don’t know, imposter syndrome for an artist is the feeling of being talentless and questioning your chosen career path. This low feeling towards my work and myself is something I expected and I know I will overcome then revisit it once again, however despite this I am trying to continue even if it’s something as simple as creating some basic mark making.

On the right you can see is a progress picture. It shows yet another alternative method I used for pairing, i which I colour blocked in water colour pencil to form my basic shapes and shadows. This worked well apart from the mistake I made of using the black line to define my horizon, which was impossible to cover and bled into my other colour making them muddy.

On the right I have grouped together some simple study’s. My goal for these was to simply acknowledge the shapes and colours of my focus material, this is because they were my first attempts at painting in a very long time. So long in fact that my jelly gauche set had completely dried up, I still need to reactivate them fully which is a daunting and time consuming task but I think it’s important for me to have respect for the materials I’m using as well the subject matter and act of painting itself.

Above you can see my second attempt of my water colour pencil technique. I really enjoy the composition and colours used in this piece. I’ve learnt through this piece I really like painting class or reflective objects. However this painting remains unfinished, most probably due to anxiety that I’ll ruin it. I do plan on attempting to finish it this coming week as I can imagine I could be very proud of myself if I am successful.

The image on the left is a strange experience I didn’t expect, in the sense that I didn’t like the finished product at first but after photographing its really grown on me. To do this I used a bright pink underpainting on a whim and I really love the way the pink peels through behind and around the object. Over all I feel this technique and colour choice has brought a lot of life to this empty jar and I will definitely explore it again.

It’s because of this that I quickly grew tired of the painting and decided to move on. Which is a shame as I felt it had potential, however I do not regret it as I would of become consumed it’s imperfections.

In particular what I dislike about these painting is the way inwhich I’ve applied the paint, I remember using layers of what felt like muddy and unforgiving paint. I personally am proud of myself for showing these works, previously I would of disposed of them.

1 thought on “Week two- Creating just because.”

  1. a good post Amy, real, honest, lots going on, so glad you are reading Norman Bryson, such a great book. Look at Merlin James, he explores a different approach, style technique to each painting, no rules, no pre- conditions, just enjoy the process, be in the process of painting, in the experience of all that it brings up, horrible feelings and wonderful feeling, get your eyes off a goal and ‘dance’ , ‘energial’ – In a state of action; acting; operating. 2. Having energy or great power; energetic.

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