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The second class we had was set up almost exactly as the last, we were sat in a “home” of sorts and studied short films, writing and images during the first two hours and then instructed to draw sighted and unsighted regarding to our emotional response from the slideshow.

I think overall I preferred the content that we were shown during our first presentation class however I still found many aspects of this one very interesting and helpful with research I will be doing further on in the project.

class drawings

I apologise in advance for the quality of some of these photos, I am unsure why they have done this as they seemed fine when originally opened! Regardless, these are the photos of my work from the second presentation, I feel this time around my work was quite scattered and I had no sense of understanding, I`m unsure as to why I felt like this but I do think that you can see that my emotions were partly scattered through the final images that I had produced.

This week I am feeling rather negative with regards to my attitude towards work and the work itself, I feel I am becoming more and more ridged over time which is the opposite of what I am trying to accomplish while on this course, however I will continue on and hopefully my working attitude and emotion will begin to improve!

I decided to help with my work I wanted to create a mood/ ideas board that I can look at for inspiration whenever I am in a negative headspace such as currently. I wanted the ideas board to be a way of seeing what I want to achieve with my project this semester and as something I can gradually work towards week by week.

inspiration board

Apologies again for the graininess and quality of the photos!

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