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Bibliography research, expanding from our first class presentation

Little house in the big woods, written by Laura Ingalls Wilder

  • First published in 1932
  • Autobiographical children’s novel
  • Wilders first ever published book that led to her further little house book series
  • Based on early memories of her childhood and her adventures near the woods buy her house in the early 1870s
  • Nine books in the series, thus being the first one
  • Wilder didn’t begin to write until much later in life, first beginning in her 40s, having her first novel written during
    her 60s
  • Little house in the big woods was published when Wilder was 65
  • The book itself has received criticism over its portrayal of native and black Americans
  • Awarded the children`s literature award in 2018
  • The little house book series has inspired several spin – off novels, musicals, radio plays and recreations
  • Her first autobiography was rejected where as this one became one of her most popular pieces of work to date
illustrational cover

The wonderful wizard of OZ, directed by Victor Fleming

  • Directed and produced in 1939
  • Was voted the most viewed film ever since its release
  • July Garland, who played Dorothy, was 19 at the time of filming
  • The film and the book show many different adaptations
  • The close relationship of the cast remained off screen, and after the film had been produced, they stayed as
  • Nominated for best picture Oscar in 1940
  • The movie was first shown on tv in 1956
  • Victor Fleming directed both Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz in the same year, 1939. Both films were
    also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, with Gone with the Wind taking home the award
  • Forty-four million people tuned into its first television broadcast on November 3, 1956
  • There was a tornado in Kansas on the day of Judy Garland’s death (Dorothy)
still from the movie

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