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week three :)


This week, I missed about an hour and a half of our Friday session because I had a group crit for another module. I did manage to make it in time for the lecture, though! We looked at a few site-specific artists and artworks which I found were really useful because I’d been struggling a little to wrap my head around what the term actually meant. I’m not sure how I’m going to incorporate this into my project yet, but I think it’ll be fun to brainstorm ideas for that (: 

We then wrote up an initial plan for our projects – a little scary having to finally solidify something, but I definitely needed to (: I’ve decided that I’m going to work on a kind of exhibition of different characters that are all extensions of myself, with the aim of finding out a little bit more about who I am ! I found that during our first session while we were automatic writing, there was a strong theme of not knowing and wanting to try everything, so I’m planning to try and run with that. Ideally, each ‘character’ will have a written backstory detailing a different creative practice, which I’ll try out to display alongside the piece. I’m unsure yet if I’m being a little ambitious, but if I do get the chance I’d like to experiment with some costumes to accompany them too ! 

We did a small collage to go along with our ideas, which was also super fun ! I love collages !

In preparation for this weeks’ class, we were asked to research two site specific artists that we thought influenced our own work ! I looked at quite a few but my favourites were Athena Tacha and Antony Gormley (: I made a couple of notes on things I’d like to say about them, but I think I missed out on presenting them to the rest of the group because of my crit >;(

Now that I’ve got a solid plan about what I want to do for my project, I’m hoping to make a proper start on it this week ! I think I’m gonna find the writing part a little difficult but I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it, and I’m super excited to have some fun with the other bits (:

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