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Week ten- last minute preparations.

This week is the final week of development before the takeover exhibition.


This week we presented our project proposals to the group, my goal for this presentation was to speak more calmly and remember to breathe. I believe I managed to do this and I received some positive feedback about my improvement, as this was my last time presenting the proposal form I was happy to finish on a strong note. I also received some useful feedback about my project which I have brought into this weeks development.


It was recommended to me that I improve my ‘conversation with the audience’ by designing the paper further. I originally was going to print black text on a white background but now I have designed some different ideas.

I think my favour is the pink with a mismatch pink boarder, however I wanted to make it more personal so I decided to edit it further in procreate. I used the detailing from one of my paintings to create a design which felt coherent with my paintings.


There is one thing I am unsure about, should I explain the object in a similar way? Or should I leave the explanation out to keep a sense of mystery, to keep the audiences idea of me as an artist fresh to the paintings? I think back to some of the artists I’ve researched such a Tracey Emin and Ally McIntyre, theY explain their process but do not “spoon feed” their audience. I will frame the written piece to raise its status and make it clear to the audience that it is a part of my work and not a flyer or something else.

Conversation with myself – How do I feel about next week? Well I feel sad in some way as it’s myself last takeover, the last project and maybe the last time share my work with the public in this way. I’m unsure about my future as an artist, anxious about how things will turn out, but either way I will still continue to create. I feel strangely guilty about my project, doubting myself as if I should have created more paintings or more complex works. But that again is the point of this project, I feel the guilt and can’t ever fully escape it so I need to do something like this.

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