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In my last individual tutorial I was given some research to go off and explore further as these particular individuals linked in with my concept of “home”. The three artists I was encouraged to look at are Paul Noble, Adam Dant and Stephen Brande’s.

Artist one – Paul Noble (brief synopsis)

Born in 1963, Paul Noble was a British artist specialising in visual arts and was nominated for the Turner prize in the year of 2012. From what I can see, his work is mainly done using graphite pencil and is very structured and geometrical, falling more under the idea of architecture. One of the projects that gave Paul Noble the recognition he deserved as an artist was a piece titled “Nobson Newtown”, which was a monochromatic pencil drawing of a character sat on the side of a building, the actual character in question is “made up” therefore the picture consists of both realism and surrealism, making it rather interesting in my opinion. While looking at the “Nobson Newtown” piece I tried to work out what the character is, and I found while concentrating on that one particular thing I decided that to me, the character looked like an overgrown potato, one that’s been left to sprout multiple other vines and grow other potatoes, I am probably incorrect in my guess however that’s what I see when I look at this drawing.

Artist two – Adam Dant (brief synopsis)

Adam Dant is an award winning artist whom is also British. Born in Cambridge, England in the year of 1967, Adam Dant has won multiple awards for his talent and artwork. His art work is contemporary and he has been linked to the eighteenth century artist William Hogarth because of the nature and structure of the drawings both artists do. Once again, the work of Adam Dant is very architectural and detailed, its the work of someone who has an eye for the intricacies in every day life and knows how to display them as a drawing. Personally, I do not like this work as much purely because I find it hard to focus on the individual elements of his pieces, everything seems rather busy and for me that’s too much in a piece of artwork.

Artist three – Stephen Brande’s (brief synopsis)

Stephen Brande’s is another contemporary British artist whose medium speciality was chromatic drawings. During his education he completed an MA at the national college of art and design in Dublin, Ireland, in the year of 2002. Compared to both above artists, Stephen Brande’s work can be seen as a completely different style of contemporary art, on one hand some of his work is playful and simplistic, more childlike, yet others are as detailed as can be. I would say as an artist he experimented with both the inner workings of life, drawing sophisticated detailed pieces of work yet also explored life in simpler terms, with his drawings of less depth creating a nice contrast between the two themes.

Below are three images, each of one piece of artists work.

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