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For the last week before the Easter break, we completed Paulina’s workshop idea which was based on home, displacement and the need for more time. The workshop consisted of two parts, part one being the “thinking” and part two being the “making“. I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of this workshop as it enabled us to think about how our lives have shaped over the years, and how different our lives are compared to others who may not have as much. However when it came to the making part of the class I felt a bit lost and out of my depth, I had no time to plan or structure what I wanted to make and with the limited resources I found the whole task a bit of a challenge, but I enjoyed none the less.

Part one – My list of what I would take with me, and the list of what I could take with me
Part one, extended – I then drew how my things would fit in my bag, this gave me a better idea on the sizing etc

Above are the final images for the workshop, the first three are my small makings and the last photograph on the right is our pieces all displayed in the arts room, hanging from the ceiling.

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