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Week six

Researching instalations.

I am researching installations as I want to give lots of consideration to how I display my book. My first inial thoughts are something along the lines of a dark room with a single spotlight on the book, doing this would put all the focus on the book and be a very dramatic environment. I then started looking into similar pieces.

Wolfgang Laib – The other Worldly – interesting use of a single lightbulb, however, I feel that if I was to recreate a piece similar to this I would have higher amounts of contrast.
Mona Hatoum- Light Sentance- This piece is really interesting I love the use of shadows to enhance the space.
Cornelia Parker- Cold Dark Matter – Theres something about this piece that I’m really drawn to, could be the mix shaped shadows spiralling through the room or the sculpture itself made from random items with the glow coming from within.

Another possibility would be to do the opposite and create a very busy environment that compliments the book, for example creating bigger sketches of more “key memories” possibly hanging them around the room. Key memories being stuff outside of my day to day that make me who I am, such as my nans garden or my bedroom. To develop this I could bring in real objects or the whole room itself.

Jason Rhodes- This installation is whimsical witha micture of textures colours creating an immersive experience for the viewers.
Tracy Emins- Bed- This piece in relation to my ideas inspires me to make my work more honest and raw about my own life.

Another possible idea is that I could run a workshop in which i encourage others to create their own memory drawings possibly creating a new boom in the process.

These choices are very hard to make so I will be running an experiment of each environment to see which one I prefer. I am also continuing with my memory drawings in my skecthbook.

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