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I recently had an epiphany, I was able to gain a better understanding on how I can make these buildings without them being so dainty and fragile. originally I measured out each individual square and built them up together, however now I have realised if I cut out a long strip of clay I am then able to form the structures round without needing to connect any extra pieces, meaning the blocks become more stable and less cracking will occur.

Above are two close ups I took of my blocks formed together as a miniature town, I like both of these pictures as I feel they both have centred focal points and the rest of the photo is slightly blurred which gives a professional look to the photos in my opinion.

Picture of my project as a whole

This is where my project is currently and I am very happy with it, although it doesn’t seem like much it is a very time consuming task which is why I have labelled it as a process and development project. each section takes time and precision as multiple things need to be left to dry and set. I like the colours that I have chosen as I feel they are all random but at the same time compliment each other in different ways, and I also believe that as I expand this project further it will grow aesthetically.

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