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I have many different updates to write about this week, these being further creation with my project, creating a lexicon in order to expand my vocab and knowledge on the English language, and lastly the workshop idea that I will be presenting during our next class.


This week I wanted to look into the colours I was using for my buildings, therefore I tried creating a “colour” theme if you will in order to see what each block looks like next to each other, will they clash or blend in with the rest of the work?

colour coded blocks

Personally, I think that these blocks have worked well. I originally intended to just add the earthy colours however I felt it lacked tone, therefore adding the pink gave it a pop of colour and made the pieces become more three dimensional. I am finding it easer to make the buildings the more I do and am able to produce more as time goes on, these were WEDNESDAYS work.


I was encouraged to create a lexicon due to my limited knowledge with words, spelling and the English language in general, I have only just begun doing such a thing however I believe it will be a big help with further projects.


Here I have added a link to my workshop idea PDF under the theme of “displacement” I originally found this quite hard as displacement is not a word I am familiar with however after research I became a lot more comfortable with the idea.

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