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for our first student taught workshop, we anonymously voted for who’s power point and workshop idea was the best and through our vote we decided to do Charlies potato cut out workshop, which entailed the class making cut out letters out of sweet potatoes and then coming together to create words, sentences and pieces of poetry. Because of this I felt it fitting to do a small study on poetry, which included poets I am interested in, themes and ideas and some of the poetry I was able to come up with.

Initial ideas and information

Firstly I wanted to see what type of ideas I could come up with that matched the theme of Journey therefore I came up with four main themes, which were metaphorical, spiritual, religious and physical journeys. Once this was done I then went into further detail within the four themes and added specific ideas that I felt went in hand with my initial thoughts. After spending some time on the first section, I lastly researched specific poets that I have enjoyed reading over the years which have given me a source of inspiration.

My poetry

I created three small poems on the above page, all of which have a connection to the theme of journey, the poems themselves are structured in different ways as I wanted them to seem like short paragraphs of writing rather than a full poetry verse, and I feel I have executed this correctly.

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