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Week Seven – Oscar Faulkner

I tried to carry on similar experiments from last week, however after taking the weekend off I became behind on work and it affected the rest of my week…

EMV Chip tessellations

Left/ Above: I ran into some problems aligning the images at first so I rotated and flipped the image onto one canvas, altered the opacity and ended up with the above right image.

Below: After altering the image the tessellation is more seamless, although it has lost the original pattern. They also remind me of bathroom tiling, as though a piece of decoration is coming out of something mundane, something that makes me feel stressed on a daily basis at the moment, creating the juxtaposition of satisfaction and distress, peace and frustration.

Receipt Photoshop experiments

Now that I’m using photoshop I can revisit the layered receipts with more control. My favourite results have been symmetrical recently.

I also started to think about layering some of the patterns and text from receipts and bank notes.

I would like to try this on paper or board, drawing/ painting, applying the geometric tessellations by hand. I think the combination of the tangible and the digital is a key aspect to our everyday lives in the 21st Century.

I’m quite interested in the idea of making a poster, after seeing Dada posters such as the one below, the combination of the head with text. The head is the centre: it represents thinking, hearing, speaking, seeing, eating, absorbing, consuming, sensing, understanding.

Francis Picabia’s Poster for Cinesketch gala (1924)

I’m a bit frustrated after this week, having not progressed further in research and ideas and feeling disappointed in some of my experiments – although I am glad I trialled these ideas.

I remain interested in some of the areas I picked out for potential further exploration in weeks five and six:

1 thought on “Week Seven – Oscar Faulkner”

  1. fantastic experimentation Oscar, exemplary, you appear to be so free and playful, one thing leading to another, following hunches, pulling out threads, most importantly seeing ideas through, getting the equipment and tools together to test something out – brilliant. So many experiments to comment on – the red light is interesting on the receipt, the projection of the receipt onto fabric or later the bed is fascinating, the mirrored projection – so made fluid and ephemeral, the duplication of the receipt text is fabulous, the experiments with symmetry work well..while I can appreciate the interest in Dada and its connection to this experimentation I do worry that some of the graphic images made in reference to works of that movement look a bit dated, a bit stale, the graphic text and poster designs to me feel a little dull, I am much more excited by the idea of releasing the cold data of the receipt into a light, ethereal and transient phenomenon. The large white image with central text just above this comment box is elegant, poised, satisfying and simple. Look at Ceal Floyer and her Oak Tree and other works, I think you will like her, similar to the Tim Head work you have presented. I would urge you to stick with the receipts, I think this mining, interrogation of the simple starting point is exhilarating and has much more scope yet, testing and challenging but will reap greater rewards.

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