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Born in 1954, Anish Kapoor is a well known British Indian sculptor who’s work is based largely on conceptualism. The movements and styles that his work can be put under include post minimalism, neo expressionism and also the sublime within art, all of which made his pieces largely popular during his artistic career. His work can be seen as very abstract and interpretive as he lets his pieces progress along with his ideas at the time. Some of which can be seen as very interpretive as he intends to show the viewers a form of “self reflection” by adding glass and reflective mirrors to the sculptures he produces, with the intention of having the viewers become part of the artwork.

Anish Kapoor is considered one of the most influenceable sculptures of his generation, breaking the boundaries and pushing our idea on normality.

During the 1980s, Amish Kapoor had his first solo exhibition in Paris, France, and since has had roughly 48 solo exhibitions all across the world, as well as this his work has been displayed in multiple group exhibitions in places such as Australia, Russia, London and Austria.

I wanted to look at Anish Kapoor because even though his work is not my favourite, I do like the idea behind his creations. His work is simplistic however it still packs a punch, Some pieces are more extravagant and have brighter colours and others are more basic and simple, meaning none of his pieces are exactly the same and that is what I feel relates to my work. I also feel like as an artist, he is more of a free flowing person, one who trusts the process. His work doesn’t seem planned but rather executed in a progressive manner.

Below are examples of his reflective work, from these I can see that he works a lot with shapes, particularly curves such as spheres and three dimensional ovals. His work is also big and bold, so even though it lacks in colour it can be seen from miles away due to its height, creating eye-catching bodies of work.

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