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week one, semester two


This intro session helped me start thinking abut my project and I found it useful to see previous exhibitions at the Arts Centre and to know about the different spaces. It was exciting to think that I will hopefully be exhibiting my work in the Arts Centre in 13 weeks time. I think the key thing for me will be making something that I am proud enough to share and talk about by the end of the semester. I am really determined to make something good for the exhibition.

I want my project to:

-Makes sense in the context of the Arts Centre- something engaging, want to translate the joy of making through the theme of home

-Be something that I am proud of and are happy for others too see- think of rough idea by week 6/7 so have time for fine tuning

-Take a step back from myself and look at a wider context with my work


Before the term started, I visited the Tate Modern and was able to see some of the exhibitions that were going on there at the moment. I found this an extremely useful visit as I was able to discover some new artists and to see how interdisciplinary art can be presented in an exhibition.

I particularly connected with the work of the Gutai artists who often worked with their body to perform and paint on giant canvases. I really enjoyed how the artist’s works were exhibited as a set of photographs, as it translated the ephemeral nature of the artist performances.

I started to read The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard after learning that the theme for this semester is home, which made me reflect on my childhood and my childhood home as a whole. Bachelard explains that the first house you live in (your childhood home) is your ‘first world’ and is the most important house that you will live in. Bachelard also discusses how every daydream or dream that you have ultimately leads back to your childhood home. I don’t agree with Bachelard’s ideas so far as I think that other conditions affect which house sticks in your mind the most. I also think that Bachelard over-romanticises the idea of the childhood home in his first chapter.

This made me think that if I were to create the perfect space for myself, what would it look like? Recently I’ve felt like I have had no definite home between living in Aber and my home town. I’d like to continue to explore the ideas surrounding my childhood and my childhood home and how I perceived that environment and how my family perceived that space.

A large part of my project this term will be me unlocking some more childlike, carefree energy that will allow me to make with less consciousness. I want to try and reconnect with my inner child and tap into whatever kinetic energy I have that I can use to make.

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