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Grace Harvey
Interdisciplinary two
The theme for our second semester was given over the holidays, I felt it appropriate to get ahead with planning before the classes begun again so that I was fully prepared for the semester. I am unsure where I want to go with this theme as I wanted something meaningful and emotional, yet fun and playful as the theme “home” can be interpreted in so many ways. Home for me has been challenging as I have often felt quite isolated as an individual so for me it is more than a place, it is the people who I have been surrounded with throughout my life.
Below are some initial ideas and thoughts I had while thinking of projects to do with “home”, none are final however all consist of ideas and thoughts that I would like to pursue for this module.
Themes within the theme “home”

Family (who feels like home to me), friends (people who I have met that have made me feel comfortable and secure), objects (sentimental things, what I keep and grow old with), places (the homes I have lived in as a child, the homes of my elders, where do I feel most at peace ), my future aspirations (ideas that I have grown up with that I want to pursue and feel at home with)
Do I want to create a 3D or 2D model/piece of work?

When creating a 2D piece of work for this model, it would need to be very well executed and detailed enough to take me through the whole eleven weeks, therefore if I do decide to create a flat piece of work, being a drawing or photograph, I would make multiple pieces and turn them into a series of some sort, possibly creating multiple pieces each week to accumulate the amount of work needed.
A 3D piece would be better for me personally, I feel after the last semester I have a new found appreciation for installations and three-dimensional pieces of work, it would be an intricate piece of work that would last many hours and I believe I would have more of a broad scape in what I can create with it being three dimensional rather and two dimensional.
First ideas that come to mind

A three-dimensional structured model of somewhere that feels like home to me, the corner of a bedroom or the living room? Or of a town or somewhere that feels like home, my childhood town street/ a shop that resonates with me. Would be created out of clay and papier Mache much like my first assignment.

A drawing sequence of multiple pieces that have been created over the 11 weeks, portraiture series of people who feel like home to me, all created with different mediums and different facial expressions, combined in the end to create a video flipping through each face with music in the background.

A short documentary/video produced by me, interviewing different people asking them what home is for them, talking to strangers, asking people in the street, subtle classical music in the background.

Paint on large canvases all ranging in size and shape, things that feel like home, can include landscape and portraiture, combine them all together to create the whole piece.

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