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Comments on others power points, critiques and compliments

Power point 1 – good title, seemed a bit nervous, good introduction to the book, spoke a bit too fast, very intellectually spoken, very factual and goes hand in hand with the problems in the world today, still moves around a lot and sways back and fourth

Power point 2 was my power point

Power point 3 – good facts about the artist, spoke quite quietly, good use of que cards, the film seemed quite long, didn’t quite understand the power point but I would like to watch the film, brilliant discussion stemmed from this Power Point

Power point 4 – quirky title, I like the theme of attachment, good introduction, had a similar layout as my own power point, very personal, links in with the current situation in Ukraine, historical, glad we got to watch the film

Power point 5 – good introduction of the artist, really nice concept and project, relates to other peoples concepts, emphasis on colour, good sources added, lots of images on the links provided, power point as a whole was a bit short, branched off into separate interesting topics of discussion

Power point 6 – quite a plain looking first slide, doesn’t initially draw in your attention, interesting introduction, upbringing ideas and warm hearted stories, power point as a whole was a bit short

Power point 7 – very emotive power point title, exploring the LGBTQ side of artwork, ongoing theme of family values, would be interesting to watch the film in question, emphasis on past and present, could be quite a touchy subject for some individuals

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