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Now that my buildings are finished, I wanted to experiment with taking photos of my installation. I actually really struggled with ideas for this as a good photo for me would be a plain background, however I wanted to combine real life into the photos so I decided to place my pieces on a large stone outside of my partners block in Fferm Penglais. I am happy with how these photos came out however I do believe that they can be worked on, what I like about these photos is the fact that for me, it looks like a little fairy garden, which is something I remember loving as a young child.

I am still questioning where to go now, is the project finished? what else can I add? how do I progress? I have multiple questions that need answering and hopefully these answers will come to me.

“At the end of the day, home is not where I come from. Maybe home is somewhere that I’ve never been before” – Warsan Shire

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