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Week Nine – Oscar Faulkner

This week I finished my project as I had hoped to at the end of last week by retaking the videos at Penparcau beach and projecting these inside.

Workshop – Friday 02 December

Below are my photos from our workshop last Friday. I found it both engaging and relaxing, collaborating on a project that was encouraged to be more untidy than precise was enjoyable for me. I wrote my anxieties in yellow on red to make them almost illegible.

Receipt Roll Structure

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Documentation of how I made the video from last week’s post.

The clothes horse is not important to the concept but seemed the quickest way of making a standing support for the video.

Projection in landscape

After last Thursday’s trial run at Penparcau beach I decided to try again, this time at night. The first two videos are of the river and the third video is the ocean.

I was going to project all three onto the wall as my finished piece but I think that the third video is much stronger because of the way the waves seem to pull the text away and the sounds accompanying it. It made sense to use this as my final video.

Projection of the final video

This is the above video from Penparcau projected indoors. The room is slightly orange from hanging blankets over the windows to block light. I attached my camera with a tripod to film it again.

Projection photographs

1 thought on “Week Nine – Oscar Faulkner”

  1. I am so glad you took the extra step and got out there again, you developed the idea so much further. The photographs work better than the film in my opinion, because the text is clear and you have been able to select the powerful moments. The juddering, stuttering scrolling of the text in the video might be intentional, it might be part of the concept, but I am not sure it works, I think unless the clothes horse and low – fi method of making the film is essential to the concept then a digital approach would be better, as what becomes really apparent and important is the juxtaposition, contrast of the content and meaning of the text in the location, as you say the pulling back of the text into the wave, the pulling and pushing of the wave and the text, the tension in that, and the sound is so important, its hard to put a finger on what you have very delicately achieved here Oscar, but it is powerful and so nearly great if executed with more knowing, one more step, but thats good because it gives you something to strive for, to do next. I am so glad that in the end you got out into the landscape again. What needs to recognised here is that this work is witty, in a dark and insidious way..overall its clever. Well done on an excellent semester.

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