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week nine and easter week one


The workshop this week was run by Paulina, and the premise was that we had to imagine that we were fleeing a country and could only take with us what fitted in our small backpacks. We started out my making a list of what we ideally would bring, then a list of things we thought were essential and could actually fit in our bags.

We then went to the project room and made paper sculptures to represent what we would want in our new homes. I made a window with a nice view and a pillow.

I found this workshop to be really enjoyable and to be an interesting reflective but kinetic exercise.


I installed my project at the end of week nine in the project room. I hung around twenty of my images and I thought they looked quite effective all hung from the coat hangers. My final installation will look slightly different, as my work will hopefully be hung in a window in a row instead of a cluster.

I have kept on writing, to try and produce my thirty images to be hung in the Arts Centre. I have been trying to consider carefully my images that I chose and have been going back and reworking see of them to fit in more with the work that I am producing now. I have tried to keep the vein of the male gaze running through my work as a continued theme.

Some of the images below are drafts and some are pieces I am going to use in my final installation.


I had the privilege of visiting the Tate Britain in the first week of Easter. I particularly enjoyed Marie Yate’s The Only Woman which I felt related heavily to my own work, even through the medium of photomontage. It was interesting to see how women had been represented throughout the history of British Art from 1400/1500 until now. It was striking that not a whole lot had changed in representation, but rather women had a ‘larger’ (still not large enough in my opinion) role to play in British art as time went on.

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