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Having my ideas brought to life

I spent a further couple of days, consisting of many hours creating the heart out of clay, I had added the valves and ventricles while still trying to keep it quite simplistic, this was the first one that I had created in which I added the clay, let it sit and dry for 48 hours, proceeded to file down any unnecessary bumps and marks and finally painting it in a bright orange. This colour for me did not feel like an accurate representation of a heart therefore further on in the week I had decided to change the colours, using a more mellow tone to add some realism into the object.

Moving forward to create the next two hearts I would choose to change the thickness of the clay as I felt adding a thicker base made things easier when coming to filing and creating a smooth base.

the heart ( clay and acrylic )

Because I had worked on these for many hours I had not taken as many process pictures, however I went from creating one heart to creating three, once the three were done and dry I decided I wanted every block colour to be pretty mellow and low lighted therefore I mixed a grey/black type of colour into my paints in order to dim out the vibrancy. Once my three pieces were dry I then decided to add string going through and around the objects, I tried to make the string look as if it is flowing and to flow around the outside of the heart as well as the inside, mimicking the blood flow through the body. 

Three hearts, all painted with acrylic and covered with string

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