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This week I wanted to have a look at some artists that specify in sculpture and installations, I could particularly find one that I completely loved however there were many artists that I found who shared the same ideas and attitude as I do with my work. The artist I decided to look at was Henri Laurens.

Henri Laurens (1885 – 1954)

French sculptor Henri Laurens was one of the first artists in the 19th/20th century who specialised in cubist and geometric art. During his life Laurens kept within one area, Paris. He lived in Paris until his death in 1954, within the years he distinguished himself as one of Frances most outstanding modern sculptures, throughout his life it was clear that Paris and the French life had had a massive influence on his work.

As well as his sculptural work, Laurens also went on to illustrate nine books over a period of 36 years, stretching from 1917 to 1953. Along with his illustrative work he also did stage and set designs for theatrical companies, showing his divers skill in mixed media artwork.

After making a huge impact on the art world during the modern times, specifically with regards to cubism and geometrics, Henri Laurens sadly passed away on the 5th of May in 1954 after having a heart attack while on a walk in Paris. despite his death, his work lives on and is treasured by many.

one of Henri Laurens most popular sculptures

Progress on my project

Because I am doing a process project this semester, each day is different, some days I am able to create multiple sculptures but others I may only make one or even none, this is due to multiple reasons, these being how I`m feeling mentally and physically, as well as the amount of time I have on my hands and how well I am able to articulate these structures. If the buildings are not thick enough they will likely fall apart while they are left to dry, which is something I am currently trying to fix.

So far, I believe my project is coming along well, I like the simplicity off it as I feel the message and theme is subjective to each specific individual. I did not want it to be completely clear what it was that I have made, I want a sense of uncertainty and curiosity to come with my piece and I feel as I have developed throughout the weeks I believe this idea is slowly growing.

Below are the images of where my project is at currently, what I really like about this is that I can move the structures into any position, no two pieces or pictures are the same.

Image one
Image two

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