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One of the tasks that I set myself was to document my day by day work on the buildings or “houses” as I like to call them. Some days I would make many but others I would make none, which is all part of my process and progress within this piece. Doing this made me realise my emotions change daily, the more active and awake I felt the more work I produced, yet some days I would not do any type of work, meaning the motivation just wasn’t there. Below are some of my daily pieces that I did at the beginning of the week, each one is different signifying how I felt different during each day.

MONDAY – failed pieces, they did not hold form or shape and became too flimsy, as well as this they didn’t go with my existing buildings but it was a fun challenge to try something new.

TUESDAY – small pieces, really liked the colour and was happy with how these turned out.

WEDNESDAY – mixed emotions about Wednesdays pieces, the buildings are very thin and flimsy therefore could break at any given moment, however all the other components have been structured well.

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