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Jeff Kunes has taught visual art at the Phoenix union since 1997, his work consists of sculptures based on objects, which have been made out of wire, balloons and different types of clay.

Key facts on Jeff Kunes –

  • His work has sold at auctions for US £58 million and US £91 million, breaking a record for one of the most high priced pieces sold at an auction.
  • Some individuals describe Kunes artwork as Kitsch as it is interpretive and subjective.
  • His artwork can be seen to fall under the category of pop art since a lot of his balloon sculptures are more for the younger generation as they give off a youthful, idealised feeling, along with the bold colours that he uses such as reds, blues and yellows, mainly focusing on the primary colours.

While there is only a small amount of information on Jeff Kunes, it is clear that he is an artist who does his work for his enjoyment and not for the gratitude of others, his art is very questionable with its style and subject matter however regardless of this he still continues to create his large abstract sculptures and displays them with honour, an artist who is truly confident within himself as a creator.

One of Jeff Kunes popular sculptures

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