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Week four.

This week has been an interesting week for my project as its trigger lots of self refection into both who I am as an artist as well as my creative process.

This weeks workshop

This weeks workshop was a seed in which a much broader important conversation grew. The theme was Human flow and the subject of refugees/migration was a sensitive topic for our group. The conversations had were very important as we discussed if they subject matter was appropriate (especially in light of Russia invading Ukraine earlier that morning) and what our purpose is as artists. Many fellow students including myself felt uncomfortable, though i will not go in detail as to why for this week log, I think its important to address this here as it has greatly affected my creative thinking. I certainly feel that there is a greater sense of unity in my group and that the conversation had was not disruptive but an important Segway into how we wish to approach the topic of Human Flow.


To develop on my ideas in reflection to last week I want to research more about sculpture material and how other artist have achieved unique and interesting pieces.

Robert Bardford

Robert started his artistic career as a painter and film maker. After 5 years in the US, where he exhibited his paintings widely, he returned to the UK and decided to specialise in sculpture. Since 2004, he has become particularly well known for his large imaginative sculptures which use discarded plastic toys.

This relates to my thinking as it builds something new out of discarded material (reconstructing the deconstructed) and in his work the choice of objects relates to the theme of childhood. I want to somehow think more about what materials I will use and the impact it will have.

Artist and illustrator Tan Zi Xi’s work mixes wry, playful humor with the realities of ocean pollution. In 2016 the Singapore Art Museum invited her to be part of Imaginarium: Under the Water, Over the Sea. The artist recreated a physical manifestation of the Pacific Garbage Patch, where children and adults could experience being immersed in a space covered with trash, simulating the environment of the ‘plastic pool.’

This piece makes me think about the amount f rubbish I’ve generated in my life time. In all honesty I’m uncomfortable thinking about it because i know it would make me cry to see it all in front of me.

Guerra de la Paz.

The artists find inspiration in the familiarity of ready-made – whose archaeological qualities and encapsulated energies evoke the significance of the human footprint and reveal psychosocial and environmental messages – while exploring themes with cultural and historical relevance.Their pieces are often interpretations of classic artworks and frequently convey deeply political messages. Guerra de la Paz’s art questions modern consumer society, and the way we blindly use and discard objects that are still in good condition, such as clothes.

The use of textile in their work makes me think about how much I own. I have so many clothes that I cant fit them into my wardrobe (that doesn’t include all my clothes back home), I’m not a shopaholic I just simply cant bring myself to throw anything anyway. This could be because of the finical worries I grew up around as well as the stress of trying to find nice clothes as a plus sized woman.

Here you can see a pile clothes I’m in the midst of sorting out.


As part of this weeks experimentation i have been taking a closer look at my belongings. In doing so I am thinking about my consumption, what the significance of the objects are to me and therefor developing on my ideas last semester. The photos below shows a variety of colourful items and parts that’s make up my room.

Moving on from this i begin to draw up further plans of what my project could become.


To reflect on this week I feel I am not moving on to a different direction but developing on my previous ideas. I know I am a sentimental person and there are both deep meaningful reasons behind this in my psychological but also for the simple reason that the world can be so cruel and terrible, I want to hold on to everything the brings me joy. Even the silly little things I make such as the card house, that’s why I want to rebuild and create something.

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