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Week Eleven: Conclusion – Mason Eaton

The final pieces from this project are pictured below, including my mixed-media dragon sculpture and a collection of drawings (ink and biro on paper).

Overall, this project has been incredibly difficult for me. I went into this semester really hoping to produce something better than the last but I feel like I fell short of that. I know that I can produce better work of a higher quality and quantity than this and it frustrates me that I wasn’t capable of doing so during this project. This semester has been extremely rough for me and a lot of big things have happened that I haven’t been able to cope with and process, which has affected my ability to produce work. I’m proud that I managed to get anything done at all, I just feel frustrated because I know I’m capable of doing better if I was in a better mindset. There was a lot more that I wanted to do with this project; I wanted to make multiple dragon sculptures that represented specific different memories, I wanted to produce drawings with my Dad and talk to him more about his art as a subject of research. There are a lot of loose ends that I wish I could have been able to explore, and different ideas that were ultimately lost. I didn’t pursue enough artist research which I generally enjoy doing, so I regret not being capable of doing so. In terms of what I have been able to do under my circumstances, I am content, but not proud or confident enough to display it at the Takeover. I did produce some drawings that I’m fairly pleased with, like the two pictured, finished, in the photo above. I truly hope that over the Summer I can process things and be able to produce something I am proud of in year 2.


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