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This week we presented our workshop ideas, Although there was only four of us in the class I was still quite apprehensive with displaying my idea. I already knew that I had overcomplicated the power point quite a lot therefore I wanted to state that at the beginning however I went the wrong way about it with putting my own work down in a negative light. Below are the notes I wrote when watching all the project proposals, giving both positive and negative feedback.

First workshop pitch – Feedback given from my presentation; don’t start with “it’s confusing”, WORST WAY TO BEGIN A PRESENTATION, simplify the PowerPoint more and then have notes on card to work from. The idea of displacement becomes a bit lost over time, needed more background. Also need to think about my timings within the three hours and add that onto my power point.

Second workshop pitch – Very intellectual introduction, history on communication, good vocabulary, interesting facts, (still moves around) some words were too smart for me, too much background on the theme of sound? Confusing project to begin with but understood more as time went on, reads off the phone a lot, good time schedule, overall project is a bit confusing.

Third workshop pitch – Adding in family history, very though provoking, historical significance, LOVE the initial question, engagement with the audience, I like the idea of listing, really relates to the idea and theme of “home”, personally wouldn’t like presenting but its an interesting thing to present, LOVE the concept behind the workshop, very emotional and engaging. Maybe needing to speak a little louder and more eccentric, overall, very well done.

Fourth workshop pitch – very happy with the idea of a short story, power point is clear and shows the main points, interesting personal project, liked how you combined both parts into one overall workshop idea, liked the past and  future theme, good at speaking to the audience, my favourite workshop idea, very emotive and empowering. The structure has been thought out very well.

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