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Week Eight – Oscar Faulkner

Last week, I agreed with Miranda’s comment on the mirrored receipt experiments being the most successful. I found Ceal Floyer’s works interesting with the way she makes everyday objects appear differently but I also found her work quite cold and uninviting.

On Monday I was confused how to bring my work together. In my tutorial, Miranda and I discussed the best place to end the project would be in nature, as I said the reason I was feeling more excited by my other modules is that they require me to go outside…
– Stress on money in this project, to take the receipts outside I connect money and land, and land is money
– Dusk or dawn? At dawn the projection would disappear
– Contrast between the documented receipts which represent order, systems, logging, the concrete, with the ephemerality of say running water.
– To look at Joseph Kosuth
– I brought up the way I looked at receipts as a way of voting, our choices and power is restricted.
– In the end the finished receipts would have been filmed, projected, filmed and projected again.

Edited receipts

On Tuesday I made four new receipts out of real ones, using text that stood out to me.

Receipt films

To create the films I used a clothes horse and attached the printed out text in a loop and pulled the paper upwards to make the receipts roll like film credits.

Projection in landscape

On Thursday I struggled to get in location fast enough before sunrise. I decided to walk to Penparcau because there is a lack of people, it is where I keep returning to this semester for my painting and photography projects.

The last steps this weekend –
– photograph the clothes horse
– Return to Penparcau to project at night?
– Project the videos onto a wall and photograph for the proposal

1 thought on “Week Eight – Oscar Faulkner”

  1. all I wish was that the projection in film one did not spill over and off the triangular rock, if it was contained on that rock only this would be super strong, its spillage makes it feel a bit random, loose, sloppy, is it too late!? arghh I can hear you scream, but this is what I am here for! to prod and poke until..a concept is throughly and completely articulated. It works well hey? I wonder what you think of it? do you still need to do the clothes horse and photo? I wonder? could you just go back out with the projector over the weekend, with your mum?

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