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This week I finished the first part of my developmental project, which was the “buildings”, I did as much as I felt was needed since when I started adding lots of elements it became a bit “overflowed” and “busy”. I added bright and dark colours to create a contrast in depth and I feel combining the two has worked well.

Above are two final images of my “HOME under the microscope piece”. I actually really like how these have turned out, I feel the actual project is something that I am not normally used to doing as its quite abstract and interpretive, however that is what I like about it, I feel it is a different piece for everyone who looks at it, for some it may just be some clay blocks, but for others it could be something completely different.

I have at least another two weeks to take this project further, but where? I am currently at a stand still and need to have a thorough think about where I want this piece to go, but so far I am liking the process.

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