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week eight


This week I still was not able to attend class because I ad to do a full ten days of isolation. I did do some research on an artist that I felt related to the workshop idea and my chose theme of ‘to force’:


I have kept on making my superimposed text images this week. I have throughly enjoying making the images. The text comes so naturally to me and I really enjoy how impulsive each one of these pieces is.

At the same time, these pieces are not impulsive at all, as they are ideas, thoughts and expression that have swimming around in brain since I was sixteen years old.

As this project has progressed, I have found myself writing about similar themes. I already was aware of the themes of feminism/femininity, identity and duality in my work. Some of the themes that I have discovered are:

-Blood and how it relates to being a women. Also anger and destroying the anger of the patriarchy.

-Religion and how my feelings of being watched stem from this.

-Language associated with astronomy and looking at a wider picture of the universe and my belonging within my environment.

-Being self sufficient- in the sense of being physically self sufficient so that I don’t desire the male gaze. Also metaphorically, in the sense that I wish I had my own galaxy to reside in and control away from society where I would make up everything of being.

I took new stills of performances and reused old performances to make my images. The loactions in my images so far have been the project room, my bedroom, my spare room and the bath. I think I want to take some stills outside next or do a performance outdoors. I also want to keep producing these images until I have at least thirty that I am happy with for the exhibition.

I also had the privilege to be in Sofia’s film. It was so lovely to talk about our hopes for the future and talking about ourselves and what we’re passionate about.

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