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Week 9 – Group Workshop


Today we proceeded with Paulina’s workshop, involving what we would like to take in a time of immediate crisis from our homes and what we would actually be able to take within a time span that would fit in the bags we brought with us. I ended up with the two lists.

We then headed over to a room to undergo part 2 of the workshop which was too build from materials a creation(s) of something we have chosen from our homes. Mine was a part of a plant I had outside my window in my first home, where in the summer you would smell the lavender come in with the Seabreeze through the window. This was nostalgia for me.

Sadly some photos didn’t come out too well as I was going between photos and the workshop. (Below)


Easter is now crunch time for the short claymation film as well as the post production, im hoping in the next week I will have the main filming done and the lighting etc. Then for the rest of easter will be writing the score and final touchups.


More footage has been captured this week. Crunch time begins for the next 20 days for the deadline.

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