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week 9 workshop five  

Group project 

Matthew / Isaac Project “won’t you come in” was an activity-based workshop in the School of Art building Creative studio.  

Workshop instructions and time schedule / Helpful content By Isaac:

Won’t You Come In? 

Help when creating your character sheet 

Welcome to your new neighbourhood! Mint-da-Splece is a fictitious neighbourhood in which you are a fictitious character! 

You have previously been displaced. You find yourself in a new neighbourhood.  

Nobody lives here, this is a new place there are no homes, no houses, no neighbourhood. 

Think about what your character’s past life might have been like? Their life does not need to conform to the rigors of society, you may be an alien from outer space, perhaps a figure from fiction, or the milkman… 

Think about what your character might have been in their past life? What has brought you to this new neighbourhood? Maybe you’re running from something, maybe you just stumbled upon this place? 

Your character does not need to be fully fleshed out; we will be having a brief session to develop your fictional character. 

Consider an outfit for your character, what kind of clothes does your character wear? Are their items that represent you that you want to bring to help talk about your character? 


-Create a fictional character 

-Create and consider what your fictional character wears, come dressed in your characters outfit 

-Come to the session ready to explore your character and bring them to life  

Pictures of my notes (character building) 

My character 

I picked the character of a young Cafe owner in a newly Build community. He was trying to run his business successfully by making connections with the local community (with all people). He was kind, gently spoken and approachable. He was also trying to support and help the community by giving them valuable opportunities to use the restaurant space or work for him.  

Pictures of the workshop 


It was difficult to become this character in the beginning but got easier with the passing of time. At the beginning of the workshop, learning about the characters was good brain exercise. Connecting them with their significant character’s feature via a physical gesture was also great brain warm up.  

By doing this exercise, I learned the community is extremely complicated and made up with everyone and their complicated lives. Community is not just a network of human beings working and living together, but also includes non-human living things, for example, flora and fauna in and around them. 

Personal project 


Nelken Line X 01
First move
Nelken Line X 01 with First move
Step 01

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