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Week 9- Time goes fast.

This week I have been reflecting on last weeks feedback, at first I agreed with the question and wondered if I was letting the work down by compiling and removing the individualism from each piece. However when revisiting artist Sue Tompkins’s work as recommended, I found myself reaffirming the approach I’ve settled in, I don’t want to loose the sense of chaos that I have indulged these last 9 weeks. Furthermore my workshop idea considered both the situation of the art centre and my theoretical approach to painting, I feel that to spread my work apart would give each individual piece status but in return create a less inviting environment. If I want to encourage the public to add to the collage and to reflect my research and experiments, it makes more sense to stick with the direction I have been working in. Maybe moving on to next semester I will revise and reconsider these ideas in a new way.

Moving forwards I decided to edit my practice piece from the previous week, I already new I would have more drawings and that the collage would more complex and interesting to view than the previous. However, I imporved the wall by thinking about the way I have used to colour and shapes to create a more coherent collage. I also have improved my sign by borrowing the chalk board instead of using paper, I felt this improved the the clarity of signage without compramising the informal and fun energy. As part of my workshop I wanted to have some still life objects on the desk as an example incase the audience/collaborators needed promoting, this week I decided on a more minimalistic look by only using plants instead of the clutter I gathered before taking up more space on the desk.

Earlier this week we has created a stop motion group project. The ideas I had communicated in my previous presentations regarding collaboration were visible throughout, the workshop was enjoyable and I felt that each indivual had grasped their creative freedom in a way which enhanced the project. After the workshop I decided to photograph putting my collage together to make a quick stop motion of my arrangement.

I also added my the final paintings I made that week, I defiantly felt a sense of joy, like I was coming out of a dark tunnel when creating the pieces. Maybe this was because I had reached a conclusion for this semester or maybe because it meant I didn’t have have to paint to everyday. However, I most likely will, I have learnt and gained so much from this project.

Below are final photographs from my project, I find this a strange thing to say as this project will never really have end as I continue to grow and curate future projects. I know that I have reached my long terms goals for the semester as well as curating this workshop space. What is important is that this ‘final’ piece is not simply an exhibition that I am preposing, I wanted to encourage my new found approach to painting by freeing myself and others from the pressure of perfection. The space I’ve curated is small and sweet, there is a sense of familiarity and conversation, that hopefully in a real pop up exhibition would be fun for the community and encouraged creativity.

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  1. Great you made some decisions, that you came to a clarity through acknowledging and bouncing off my feedback. You have definitely tightened up the set up, it looks cleaner while still has the ‘friendly’ aesthetic you want, it does look inviting but where are the paper and paintbrushes? So I wonder what will you feel when, if, people accept your invitation to paint and then add their paintings to the wall and if you didn’t like their paintings, or didn’t imagine how they would paint or why or what they would paint, it feels very courageous to me to invite peoples paintings into your own collection quite so directly, to invite them to hang theirs so literally amidst and amongst your own? I admire your courage to do this, your willingness to lose control and autonomy.

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