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Week 9- Sarah Gibson

Can we finally escape this never-ending entrapment of loneliness?

The finale has arrived.

The closing of my self directed project that we have all been waiting for.

My film.

The completed film.

The unexpected 13 minute long film.

The YouTube link to the completed film:

I am so happy with how the completed project has turned out. I think it can really represent modern loneliness and the feeling of just being helpless in this big world.

Monday 28th November

I’ve been working on my proposal form this week which I shall share in next weeks notebook.

Researching artists for my hypothetical Takeover was a challenge as I couldn’t settle on a theme for the exhibition.

My tutorial with Miranda was great as it was a chance to discuss potential themes I could go for.

At first I thought a moody theme revolving around loneliness, emptiness would work well. Art pieces that are all in black and white. But from talking to Miranda, she made me see that, that might be too overpowering for people and they will need some relief.

We went back and forward on multiple themes. One of the themes we discussed was solely picking up on the performance side. I was a bit intrigued by this and will be doing a lot of research into multiple artists. Miranda suggested looking at some of the artists I have been previously looking at and seeing how they may fit it. This is something I will be sure to do.

Friday 2nd December

The Worry Doll workshop.

I really loved this workshop. I think Jennifer did a great job.

She of course had her strengths and weaknesses. This being her first workshop I think she did well under the pressure. She created a fun, light environment that was filled with the music of a great playlist.

I would say that one of her weaknesses was that she just faded into the rest of the class, it felt like there was no one really guiding us through the workshop. But then again I could also call this a positive thing as none of us felt stress of trying to get tasks done within a certain time or that Jennifer was this figure that we had to slightly disassociate with since she was the teacher.

At first we struggled to know how big to make the doll but I suggested the idea of lying down to create a quick figure outline. Since I made this suggestion the others ganged up on me and voted that I be the doll ‘model’ which I was happy enough to do. Though later in class I was asked if I now associate with the doll since it was traced around my figure; I had to think for a second as that had never crossed my mind. I want to keep it as a separate identity, nothing to do with me. I want it to be just a figure that can carry all of our burdens and worries.

Since one doll was too small for the whole class to be working on we made the decision to make two dolls. The second one was drawn from the body of Isaac.

The class was quite peaceful even though we were making these dolls to eventually put our worries onto. I found that we moved quite quickly as well.

I really enjoyed how we each brought our individuality out into the dolls. We each went and made items to put on them. I made a tie and eyes for one of the dolls.

Once it came to the time of putting our worries on the dolls I didn’t feel the strong urge to put anything onto it, I didn’t feel like any of my worries had a place on the doll. I was stumped. I didn’t know what to do as I had to put something on them.

A worry that eventually came to me was getting the boat home for Christmas. I want to get home safely, for the trip to go smoothly. I do hope this for everyone else who might be travelling home as well.

Once everyones worries had been sewn on the dolls we took them on the journey.

The journey down to the entrance of SOA where they will now sit for the next week until we burn them and that will truly be a sight to see.

I hope and pray that through this, each and everyone of us will feel those worries getting a little lighter within our hearts and minds.

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  1. A great review and documentation of the workshop. I have watched most of the film but will resist in critiquing it here in this post but just to say the filming by Mike is beautiful and if you edited Sarah – well done, it is beautifully, sensitively edited. It is a powerful piece of work, complete but the beginning of something too – the locations could be extended – each location would change the dynamic, the duration of the performances could change – again each would change your behaviour and so the dynamic of the film, the clothes, film aesthetic and approach etc could be developed, so much to build on. What a first performance!

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