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week 9 – matthew hulse

grayscale photo of person holding paper
– now is the time to save the earth –

Unfortunately I missed the workshop of paint making. I have watched videos of people turning materials into paint, such as eye shadows, or other materials that provide pigment. The big painting from the workshop was very beautiful. From an outsider’s perspective it was poetic in its use of the red colour, since the original idea was about saving the Earth and the repurposed pigment gives looks like an artistic haemorrhage.

– getting ready –

I was slowly getting ready for the TAKEOVER, so I decided that it was time to do some test prints on different paper types. I printed on glossy photography paper, and also 300gsm cotton paper. After receiving feedback it looks like the cotton paper is the more desirable as the contrast between black and grey is more poignant.

Glossy paper.

Cotton paper.

Trying to photograph glossy paper is a challenge, and I think that with all the natural and artificial lighting in the Arts Centre would be too overwhelming for the paper, and thus the viewers. As much as I like the cold tone of the glossy paper, I think I’ll have to settle for the cotton paper which is harder to maintain (I had it for 5 minutes and it already has a scratch on it… might have to buy a sleeve for them).

Now, the important questions, how big should they be? I think they should be a bit bigger than A4. The test prints are around A5 size. My only concern is that by upping the scale of the images I will have to sacrifice some clarity in their resolution. The details are important.

According to the Johari Window, which we discussed in our group tutorial, I should focus on curating the body of work I have amassed this semester, and pick the few standouts from my collection. Less is more.

What I was most surprised about was the gothic and vampiric imagery that my images evoke, according to unbiased peer feedback. I might explore this avenue if I continue this project outside of an academic setting.

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