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Week 9 – Mason Eaton

Aims and Ideas

This week I will be creating my third final piece by finishing my audio piece based around water, and producing an Automatism piece in response. This would be accompanied by the ‘Birds and Boiling Rice’ audio and automatism pieces alongside the ‘Bonfire Beach’ audio and automatism pieces in the hypothetical exhibition.

Developed Work

Hypothetical Takeover

This week I prepared the presentation for the Hypothetical Exhibition involving the pieces described in the proposal form. Two of the three final pieces are finished, and the other I am completing this week. All the information is on the proposal form below.

Audio Piece – Water


This audio piece is composed of three separate recordings; the ‘Waves’ audio piece, alongside a recording of rain from inside, and a recording of the noise of boiling rice. My aim with combining these pieces was to create an audio piece that presented water in all of its different forms; water boiling into steam, in the boiling rice recording, water condensing and falling as rain in the rain recording, and water moving as a liquid in the waves audio piece. By presenting the audience with water making noise in three different forms, it creates a more in depth understanding of looking at water through an audio format. Due to the composed piece being of three different pieces, it was very difficult to edit so that all the noises could be heard at the same volume consistently throughout the piece, and that one didn’t overshadow another. I think I managed to do this successfully, as you can distinctly hear the three different water noises if you listen for them; however, the piece should be listened to as one composed length of sound, the noises combined together to create an audio interpretation of water as a subject.

Automatism Piece – Water

Automatic Drawing response to ‘Water’
Pen on Canvas Paper

For my final Automatism piece, I used the method as I have done with the other two; listening to the audio piece on loop and responding with automatic line drawing in black pen on canvas paper. I really like this one, as a lot of little shapes and areas were created and sectioned between the drawn lines, which allowed me to create more intricate detail when using the automatic drawing as a template for painting.

Automatism Piece – ‘Water’
Automatic Drawing, pen on canvas paper, Conscious reworking with pen and acrylic paint

I again used acrylic paint to consciously transform my subconscious creation. I wanted the painting to reflect the theme of water, and found within the shapes, an area that I could make into a lake, and structures that I could make into rocks and mountains surrounding it. I started by blocking in the shape of the lake and the mountains, highlighting little shapes created by the automatic lines as shimmers in the lakes water with white acrylic. I then worked back into the dried acrylic with a black marker to outline the lake and mountains in bold black. I used a finer brush to outline the white sections of he lake, also in black. I then used more white acrylic to highlight the lines left over from the automatic drawing that were inside the structures of the lake and the mountains, leaving the lines above the mountains untouched, separating them into the background of the sky, as perhaps clouds.

Side by Side comparison: Before/After Conscious reworking

Analysis and Reflection

Work and Development

I have now completed my three final audio pieces and automatism pieces that accompany them, and also designed how I would hypothetically exhibit these pieces. Considering I got very behind on work due to illness and time constraints, I think the progress hat I have made is solid. I am pleased that my final pieces relate to one another in terms of producing them with a set of content rules, in the same methods and mediums. I think this helps to interlink the three very different pieces, and bring them together into a collection that would work in exhibition.


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