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I have not been feeling very well this past week therefore my progress has not been as far along as it should be, however I am working towards my final insulation over these final weeks. Another issue I have had is that it has taken a long time for my sculptures to dry as they are made from clay and have quite a thick layer to them, some of these sculptures have taken days to dry before I am able to begin painting.

Progress of my large, green heart

I decided with this sculpture I wanted to change the look of the string as myself and Miranda had a conversation about this in our individual tutorial, I decided to keep with the green theme overall and add a dark green paint to the string, almost making it seem like a vine wrapping around the heart itself. I found painting the string quite difficult as I had to be very careful not to paint over the sculpture. Once I had completed this and added the plants coming out of the valves I then took a step back and realised that this is exactly where I wanted to leave this piece. I decided not to add any flowers as I wanted to leave the simplicity and colour theme as it is, without adding additional items and overcomplicating the piece.

Another picture shot from a different angle
The following hearts I decided to make

As I had ran out of tin foil, the centre of these hearts were made of clay, meaning they became very dense and I used up a lot of my remaining clay materials. Regardless of this I still feel that these sculptures have been made well and I am happy with the placement of the flowers and valves. My next step in this project will be to assemble these sculptures and create an ornamental structure that showcases each heart individually and their own unique qualities.

My first idea for assembling the structure

The picture above is one of the ideas I had for the assembled piece. I moved all hearts together in union, I feel that this is a good way to showcase something like this as its eye catching and quite different to other sculptures that you may come across. With this being said I do feel that the overall finish and presentation of my pieces need to be developed further.

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