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week 9

In this workshop me and my group acted upon the choices we made during a couple of brainstorming workshops (Week 7 and Week 8). The chosen project we all voted for was mike’s Film idea. We started with contributing ideas of script writing and seen sketching collectively. It was nice and I felt welcome to share my thoughts and ideas on the project. 

Film scenes were collective ideas of our group directed and captured by Mike. Everyone in the team was very comfortable with working in a group. I learned from this workshop how important it is to have a professional but also friendly environment and safe space for creating good artwork as a team. 

Film production ended at the right time, and we cleared up Creative art studio before leaving. 

I can’t wait to see the result after editing and sharing it in my notebook 

It’s been a difficult week preparing my own individual project but I’m glad that by doing research I managed to collect materials which were needed to complete my collection.  

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