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week 9- graphic development of the project

During this week I’ve continued with my graphic research as well as starting to learn how to use indesign to be able to start designing.

Graphic design research:

After looking a little bit online I decided to go to the library and get some books related to graphic design. The section was so trapping that I ended up taking a large list of books home that I read through the week. The titles of the books are:

  • The graphic artist’s book by jack Buchan
The Graphic Artist's Handbook By Jack Buchan
  • White graphics by Gail dribbler
  • Type and color by Michael Beaumont
  • Graphic design school by David dabner
Graphic Design School by David Dabner and Alan Swann (2004 ...
  • Letters and image by massin

Learning to use indesign:

I tried to set a meeting with Chris so he could teach me how to use indesign but the MacSuite was already booked so I watched online tutorials from youtube to learn the basics and then asked my brother, who is a graphic designer, to teach me over FaceTime about more specific skills. After that and the notes I took I started playing around with it and experimenting to learn while practicing.


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