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Week 9- Final Workshop and Recording

During this week we carried out our group workshop, led by Paulina. The workshop was called ‘What do you Pack’ and was based on asking everyone to write down everything they wanted to pack if they were asked to leave their home in a rush and never come back. After that, we were asked to narrow the list to only those things that we could fit in a carryable bag. The second part of the workshop was based on creating those things that we wanted to bring with us out of paper and finally hanging them from the ceiling to represent the idea of not being able to reach them or bring them with us.

In this workshop, I realized how the most important thing for me was my books and all the memories that my library contained.

My final creation was my dog, which was a pretty complicated thing to craft out of paper and some tape. I enjoyed very much the workshop and it really made me put things into perspective and realize what is most important to me, pushing me to value it even more.


I really focused on my personal project this week as it was the last week I was in Aber before returning to Spain for Easter and wanted to get all the recording done, as I don’t have a proper camera in Spain and wanted to focus on the editing while at home.

Therefore, I spend the whole week up and down with the camera and tripod and managed to record everyone.

I also met up with Mike, as he showed me how to edit films and helped me through the process of editing the first individual of the film. We decided to edit his bit first as it would be easier. This is what came out of it:

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