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Week 9 – Editing. / Filming Null Island

Using Fairlight within DaVinci Resolve, I have started to record the narration for the short film. There has been some researching towards this using tutorials, for instance the technique of ‘auto dubbing’ is incredibly useful and it only requires sending and receiving of the audio tracks within the application. This allows the narration to automatically lower the musical volume so that there is no mixing up in the audio signals.

Audio Dubbing

We are now heading towards the final stages of the film, this has been very ambitious for me and I’m very happy with the results so far. Its incredible what can be done with a phone and a laptop in 2021 but there is the method of getting the correct shots and using lighting to your advantage for sure.

Timeline overview

Today I have recorded more vocals for narration and compiled more footage, spanning roughly 3 minutes nearly now. This week I will need to get some more footage of the harbour and some more in-betweens if possible, to finalise the ending of the short film. Although there is not much scientific input to this, its definitely cinematic and tells a small but interesting story involving the Ystwyth river.

The journey ends soon…


This week also helmed the chosen project which ended up being my own, I tasked myself with directing and filming the group led film and it was definitely a success. It was an amazing first time experience and got some incredible shots and everyone was a blast to work with.

Worship scene
Raising up
Unearthing the potato

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