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Jennifer’s Worry Doll seminar was really chill, it was made for our group and it worked well for our bunch of creatives who got stuck in pronto. Fascinated to see how much engagement the dolls get from the other students in the school of art, I think they looked amazing.

Cutting out

This week has been all about writing up the PDF and script for the presentation. Of course it did occur to me that might be the whole nature of being a contemporary artist… lots and lots of writing, form filling, presentation and the business of funds….

The Worry Dolls

I had a lovely chat with Giuliana from the Eleanor Worthington prize and she hopes more students from Aberystwyth university will take part next year and asked would I be the prize ambassador so I will do my best on that. All forms of art are welcome not just film making and you don’t have to be a disabled student just talk about disability and inclusivity within your entry. The winner has a funded residency in Urbino Italy which is stunning.

Urbino, city and World Heritage Site in the Marche region of Italy.

The prize winner Rebecca Lee a Master’s student at York university also reached out to me and asked if I’d like to be part of an online artists group and get involved in a future digital art collaboration which sounds exciting.

I’ve explored more about holographic projection this week, even DIY lasers… don’t fancy the risk assessment on that one…. but it’s certainly one to watch out for in future check out this company’s work

Musion 3D holographic projection screen

Loved curating the theoretical takeover, a change must come for art if humanity is to survive. No longer the preserve of White Male, White Cube, Gallery Man

Clement Greenberg as White Male, White Cube, Gallery Man

Talking of survival I’ve had a visit from the cold and flu monster this week my first since 2020

Where is my mask

I feel absolutely awful and I will be returning to my bed and Lemsip shortly… coughing and sneezing with a full abdominal clearance and double hernia is a very serious matter so wish me luck….

See you on Friday…. Hopefully…. I’ll be bringing my ping pong balls with me…..

‘Expect the Unexpected’


  1. Ah Dee well done for making this post, and as entertaining and insightful as always. Gosh lots of exciting things coming from the prize already, this is how these things happen, one thing leading to another..and yes you spotted it – a contemporary artist spends lots of time doing admin! chasing and making the opportunities..and so this assignment is a great tool, a great skill, and look at how you managed it! mugs and all! brilliant Dee, all crosses ticked and more..a really interesting exhibition, that held together convincingly through your presentation, you were thinking beyond the ordinary, yes things do need to radically change, art can longer be about simply filling walls and spaces with ‘stuff’ to look at, art has a much bigger more exciting role to play, job to do, and you are tapping into it..the leading edge is waiting for you…

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