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Week 9


During this week we had a group workshop created and prepared by Charly. We made letter stamps from sweet potato, and then we put them in paint and made stamps on a piece of paper, creating new worlds or shapes. After that, we took this piece of paper in the project room and responded to it in a creative way. I really liked these workshops, they allowed us to open us creatively and also to find out something more about each one creative process. I feel like every next piece of paper that we created was more and more freely. We worked together but at the same time individually and the outcome was impressive. 


During this week, I’m really satisfied with what came out of my project. I spend some time in project room and tried to make different installation from my photographs. It was a process of figuring out how I want this to look. I’m really satisfied with the final outcome, I like how I added more dimensions to the flat photos. The lines and the photos hanging from the ceiling also make very interesting shadows, which creates even more dimensions to this installation. At the wall behind the photos, I created a line that represents one of my journeys around Aber. The black string that I used works well with the strings that are attached to the photos, and it connects it together. Because both of these parts-my journeys and photographs- are connected with each other and both our these elements created this final project. There wouldn’t be one without the other.

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