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week 9

With my idea still developing a colabratibe idea was proposed as our ideas were based around illustrations and memories and personal perspectives – we bonded further on using moods and lighting and covering an area with our work – Tracy Emin was an artist that inspired us

Presenting the project together

Jowita Wyszomirska

Inspiration – tracy emin

Why? She has used her past experiences trauma vulnerability to create extremely bold and brave art – her installations are in the truest raw upfront form reflecting her thought process – autobiographical and confessional

With a similar mind set I aspire to create an installation reflecting on my journey – I want to create an atmosphere for people to be comfortable in relate to and see through a journey.

Both projects are about memories and illustration – showcasing our work as installation – Use projector to light the place up, showcase parts of our memories

Setting up a table, chair – everyone can relate to – certain personal touches – personalising with our work and projected reels

Problems facing

With a colab – how does the project proposal work now – is it still personalised or aspects from both

The illustration on the wall? Remove them? let it stay? – adds to the project too

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