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This week I invested myself completely in IP as it was the final week before having to present my finalized work in the proposal form. I decided to finish once and for all with the recording and dedicate myself solely to the final edit of the film both in terms of visuals and audio.


Building on the edit alredy done last week I mainly had to focus on editing the final scenes where Abidish is writting on his notebook. Miranda comented on my last weeks post that some of them might have not been as visualy sticking as the rest so I made sure to think of ways around how to present them to make stronger compositions. A scene that took a lot of my time was the one were Abidish goes back to the tree, thinking about how to present it stronger, I decided to create a video grid involving six different videos at the same time. This took a lot of time as I had to create six different clips and select them carefully to make sure that all the timings fitted perfectly because basically every video had to be five seconds shorter tahn the previous one so that they would all finish at the same time. I also had to thing in terms of composition how the videos would visually work with one and other, and so deciding which gestures or moves to put next to one and other. This are some notes of the planning process:

This are the six different videos that I used to create the grid on Premier:

Before creating the grid I also created a powerpoint with the tryouts of color and composition that I could chose in the grid:

This was the ultimate result of the scene:

Another section that I edited separetly was all the short shots of things falling that Abidish dreams of during the night:

After taking care of editing all the content in terms of content selection I proceeded to edit to edit the transitions between the clips as I had also been advised in previous notbooks posts to make the trasnsitions of lighting between clips less noticable. I think that the comments on the notebook posts have definetly been super helpfull and have made me feel a very big sense of support along the way.


Having finished the visuala editing I proceeded to editing the sound. This took an inecesary long time beacuse I made the mistake of talking whilst recording, which made it super hard for me to show a constant audio with the same background noise and whithout gaps.This is definetly on of the biggest learning experiences that I take from the project. I talked over the audio because I wanted to diret Abidish during the recording and didn’t think I wanted to put the sound in it becasuse I was just planning on using background poetic music, but I have learned my lesson and will always record clear audio just in case I decide to use it in the future. Eventhough the struggle I belive I managed to create a pretty decent an fluid audio.

Above the audio I used music that I selected from Adobe stock content that I get from my subscription. I eded up choosing a classical piano song to play on the backgroud in a loop all the way throughout the film.


Having finished the whole visual and audio side of thefilm I was only left with writting some subtitles to make the abstract message of the movie a bit more understandable to the viewer. I didn’t want to make it too staright forward so I decided to only place a few lines of text through the whole duration of the film, only in the moments that I though needed some explenation. Playing around with the subtitles I ended up choosing them to be yellow and to be placed in the center of the screen insted of the normal set up of putting them on the bottom. I found that by putting them on the middle it made it seem as part of the image and interact with the moving visuals:

This was the final outcome:


After finishing it I had to compleate my proposal form for the module. This was also a lot of hours but I had a lot of fun curating my own hypothetical exhibition and it made me realise that being a curator might be a possible outcome for me in the future. I decided to create my hypothetical exhibition around artworks that would work together to create a joint present and inmersive experience on the public. To do so I chose the works:

  • The artist is present, by Marina Abramovic
  • Pajaros, by Graciela Iturbide
  • I am the river, by Eva Koch
  • Pollen from hazelnut, by Wolfgang Laib

This were some of the notes and plans I did as well of my drafts of information:

After all this reseach and writting I finally compleated my Project Proposal form:


During this weeks workshop we proceeded to finally make the Worry dolls. We cut out two siluettes in the fabric and sewed them together placing stuffing in the middle to make it take a 3D form. After the whole team process of creating them we wrote our worries down in paper and stuck them to their bodies. It was overall a very nice workshop, as it was a very phisical activity and it allowed me to just be and have a nice shared time with everyone, a good change from the thinking based life I’m living right now due to final assignments.

1 thought on “WEEK 9”

  1. An excellent post Sofia, full of decisions and process and so glad the workshop was an antidote to the general pressure. Hugely well done for pushing the film to its conclusion, very satisfying I am sure. I think the decision to do a grid for the tree section was an excellent idea, it really works, gets all of the info across in a much shorter time and gives it a light hearted touch, I have very much enjoyed playing with grids myself in the past, its a lot of fun and a good strategy in your case. Yes the audio containing your voice is tricky, I actually thought that hearing your voice directing Abidish was really interesting, rather like the John Smith film we watched in the first presentation, and could well have been a strong addition, but most of it was cut off through your image editing, definitely, as you say something to be very aware of next time, include it or make sure it isn’t recorded, or do a separate audio recording. I haven’t got time to watch the full film today, but I very much look forward to doing so as soon as I can.

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