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week 9:

Class work:

for this weeks class we had Dee taking over with her workshop on environmentally friendly painting practice. we started by looking at a small video presentation with Dees characters, and then took a short test to see our own carbon footprint. after this we looked out how paint is made, and the negative sides of using things such as acrylic paint.

after we had created the paint, we painted on 2 large sheets using the paint we had made (watercolour and acrylic) and some oil pastels(metallic), to show what we want to change in our own artistic practice/general lives to make a positive effect on the climate. during this we were told a lot of facts about how the art we are making can have a negative impact on the earth, such as the metallic pastels we were using and the glitter the sticks contained.

at the and we all tried on Glo´s hair and had a fun time.

Group tutorial:

this week we had to bring our work to the tutorial to present what we had as the projects needed to be done by the following Monday. we looked at the Johari window. this window represents the conscious and unconscious bias that can help self-awareness and understanding of others. in this case we used it to get feedback and try. to understand our own projects from an outsiders perspective.

overall i enjoyed this tutorial, but it would be nice if the group was larger as i felt like we didnt get as much feedback as we could have if there were more there. having a smaller group makes it harder to open up and speak about others work as it (for me at least) can make people feel as though they are being rude or judging others work. with a bigger group i often find this easier as there are many voices with opposing opinions, something that can help the person being critiqued choose what they want to take from all the different opinions.

this would also have been a better tutorial to have earlier in the semester as it could help a lot of us get a better understanding of our own projects earlier.

personal project:

For this week i installed the project on Wednesday to see how the audio works on the speakers and how loud it needs to be to hear the individual sounds. here i fell inn to a large issue i didnt think i would have, which was the fact the the speakers sounded completely different to my headset, phone speakers and computer speakers. this made it so some sounds were drowned out and hard to hear. this issue needed to be fixed so i asked around to see how i could get this resolved and found out that the process would take a long time. i did find a quick solution by normalising the audio, but had i looked at this earlier i would spend a week equalising each individual recording.

I also visited the Art Centre (Saturday)) to look at the different rehearsal studios as i hadnt seen studio 1 yet (where i was originally placed). Ultimately i ended up asking Richard if he is fine with swapping studio 1 with 2, as studio 2 had a better size and smaller windows, making it an ideal option for my project, where as studio 1 was larger and more suitable for his project.

finished project:

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