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Week nine – 200 minutes

This week was the final stage of my project in which I finished my paintings and also I ran my very last workshop.

The workshop

For some reason I had terrible anxiety about the workshop but i actually really loved it! I’ve attached a gallery of photos from the workshop where you can see everyone’s different paintings.

The idea behind my work shop was to get everyone to be playful and enjoy art . Wether or not everyone enjoyed the experience of painting is one thing but I’d like to think it was some nice down time for everyone at least.

The photos above are some of the works I made in the class, I personally found the shortest times of 10-40 seconds to be the most fun as they were very challenging. However my favourite painting over all was at the 10 minute section instead, as it was must people’s. I think it’s because it gave us enough time to be free and paint any details we wanted without us over working or caring too much about the work. It’s also interesting in reflection to my own project most of my choices were in the 10 minute and I found this to really challenge my creativity.


Another important development I’ve made is based on a mistake I made at the beginning of my project ..NOT PRIMING MY CANVASES ENOUGH!!!

As you can see see it’s super see through, this means my work HAS to be against a wall. This means I will definitely not be using my plinth idea.

In the workshop we discussed the importance of explaining our art to an audience. Especially a project like mine which is finding the art in creative practice more than the final piece itself.

One important piece of development this week was tidying up my work. I wanted to continue with my hot pink theme! So I used masking tape to create boarders to sharpen up my paintings making them seem more professional.

I also experimented with text! The above image is a digital experiment. I wanted to explain not just the work but the objects included, though I’m unsure how important this is. Alternatively is it better to have a sense of mystery about the objects?

Thankfully I practiced this digitally as I decided I didn’t like it. And I should explore writing as expression in a different way.

The final piece

Below is my ‘finished’ work, I say finished that way because this project will in many’s continue In my life as an artist. I decided to space the paintings out equally to give them breathing room and a sense of individual status while remaining coherent.

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